Statement of Principles

IREF publishes original, high-quality research on a broad range of topics in international economics and financial economics. Each manuscript is reviewed in an unbiased manner and receives utmost attention by the editorial office and its referees. Manuscripts are judged on the quality of their content alone, making the author's religion, race, sex, age, nationality, and institutional affiliation irrelevant for acceptance decisions.

To maintain the highest standards and an ethical review process, the editorial office of IREF upholds, and also appeals to authors and referees to uphold the following principles:

IREF has adopted a double-blind review process; it does not reveal the identities of either authors or referees to other parties in the review process. Authors are asked to write papers in a way to keep their identity from referees. To honor this principle, they should refrain from citing their own forthcoming or working papers. References to these papers that are deemed necessary can be gracefully added in the final version. Referees are asked to write their reports in a way that hides their own identity from the authors. While careful reports are valued, the referees do not have to prove the validity of their opinions.

A manuscript is submitted with the understanding that the substance of its content has not been published and is not under consideration for publication by another journal or book. The IREF makes every effort to provide authors with timely reports from referees. We would appreciate referees returning manuscripts within one month.

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