Contents of IREF: Volume 28

Volume 28, Number 1

Special Issue: The Dynamics of International Migration
Guest Edited by Oded Stark

The dynamics of international migration: introduction
Oded Stark

The evolution and sustainability of seasonal migration from Poland to Germany: From the dusk of the 19th century to the dawn of the 21st century
Ewa Kępińska, Oded Stark

Rethinking the brain drain: Dynamics and transition
Lukasz Byra

Migration and dynamics: How a leakage of human capital lubricates the engine of economic growth
Gerhard Sorger, Oded Stark, Yong Wang

International migration, remittances, and the human capital formation of Egyptian children
Onur A. Koska, Perihan Özge Saygin, Selim Çağatay, Andrés Artal-Tur

Co-national and cross-national pulls in international migration to Spain
Nina Neubecker, Marcel Smolka

Integration as a catalyst for assimilation
Oded Stark, Marcin Jakubek

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