Contents of IREF: Volume 27

Volume 27, Number 1

Regular Articles

Panel data analyses of the pecking order theory and the market timing theory of capital structure in Taiwan
Dar-Hsin Chen, Chun-Da Chen, Jianguo Chen, Yu-Fang Huang

Profits and losses from currency intervention
Hailong Jin, E. Kwan Choi

Modeling the transitional dynamics of international joint venture policies: An option pricing approach
Elmar Lukas

Country size and tax policy for international joint ventures in an integrated market
Yasuo Sanjo

Do habits generate endogenous fluctuations in a growing economy?
Hyun Park

Privatizing by merger: The case of an inefficient public leader
J. Alejandro Gelves, John S. Heywood

Managerial incentives and a firm's cash flow sensitivities
Pisun (Tracy) Xu

GFC-robust risk management strategies under the Basel Accord
Michael McAleer, Juan-Angel Jimenez-Martin, Teodosio Perez-Amaral

Dividends, investment and cash flow uncertainty: Evidence from China
Lu Deng, Sifei Li, Mingqing Liao, Weixing Wu

The behavior of real exchange rate: Nonlinearity and breaks
Chia-Hao Lee, Pei-I Chou

Has international borrowing or lending driven Australia's net capital inflow?
Anthony J. Makin, Paresh Kumar Narayan

Causality between trading volume and returns: Evidence from quantile regressions
Bartosz Gebka, Mark E. Wohar

International trade and hedging under joint price and exchange rate uncertainty
Kit Pong Wong

Financial constraint and the choice between leasing and debt
Jane-Raung Lin, Chia-Jane Wang, De-Wei Chou, Fei-Chun Chueh

Central bank transparency: Does it matter?
Hyuk Jae Rhee, Nurlan Turdaliev

Identifying multiple regimes in the model of credit to households
Dobromił Serwa

Return distribution predictability and its implications for portfolio selection
Min Zhu

Price discovery between regular and mini index futures in the Taiwan Futures Exchange
Yun-Yi Wang, Chiung-Chiao Chang, Wan-Chen Lee

Uncovered interest parity puzzle: Asymmetric responses
Byung-Joo Lee

Credit frictions and consumption dynamics in an open economy
Shiou-Yen Chu

The Canadian macroeconomy and the yield curve: A dynamic latent factor approach
Ronald H. Lange

Learning by devaluating: A supply-side effect of competitive devaluation
Juha Tervala

Genetic contamination of traditional products
E. Kwan Choi

Impacts of global and domestic shocks on inflation and economic growth for actual and potential GCC member countries
Won Joong Kim, Shawkat Hammoudeh

Nonlinear bilateral trade balance-fundamentals nexus: A panel smooth transition regression approach
Po-Chin Wu, Shiao-Yen Liu, Sheng-Chieh Pan

The impact of transparency on market quality for the Taiwan Stock Exchange
Mei-Chu Ke, Yen-Sheng Huang, Tung Liang Liao, Ming-Hui Wang

Payout policies on U.S. closed-end funds
Doseong Kim, Yura Kim, Kyojik Roy Song

Corruption and persistent informality: An empirical investigation for India
Nabamita Dutta, Saibal Kar, Sanjukta Roy

An optimal government spending reversal rule in a small open economy
Shigeto Kitano, Kenya Takaku
Irrational confidence, imperfect and long-lived information
Deqing Zhou

Governance, foreign direct investment and domestic welfare
Dibyendu Maiti, Arijit Mukherjee

Nonlinear analysis among crude oil prices, stock markets' return and macroeconomic variables
Nader Naifar, Mohammed Saleh Al Dohaiman

The market structure of the banking sector and financially dependent manufacturing sectors
Indrit Hoxha

Cash dividend policy, corporate pyramids, and ownership structure: Evidence from China
William Bradford, Chao Chen, Song Zhu

Domestic versus foreign equity shares: Which are more costly to trade in the Chinese market?
Yan He, Junbo Wang, Chunchi Wu

Estimating the spot rate curve using the Nelson–Siegel model: A ridge regression approach
Jan Annaert, Anouk G.P. Claes, Marc J.K. De Ceuster, Hairui Zhang

An analysis of stock repurchase in Taiwan
Li-Hsun Wang, Chu-Hsiung Lin, Hung-Gay Fung, Hsien-Ming Chen

Estimating hedged portfolio value-at-risk using the conditional copula: An illustration of model risk
Yi-Hsuan Chen, Anthony H. Tu

Linking the missing market: The effect of bond markets on economic growth
Patara Thumrongvit, Yoonbai Kim, Chong Soo Pyun

Expected monetary policy and the dynamics of bank lending rates
Claudia Kwapil, Johann Scharler

Determinants of target selection and acquirer returns: Evidence from cross-border acquisitions
Sung C. Bae, Kiyoung Chang, Doseong Kim

The effect of Confucius Institutes on US Exports to China: A state level analysis
Donald Lien, Catherine Yap Co

Investor sentiment effect in stock markets: Stock characteristics or country-specific factors?
Pilar Corredor, Elena Ferrer, Rafael Santamaria
The firm export and FDI choice in the context of gravity
Katherine N. Schmeiser

Bank credits and non-oil economic growth: Evidence from Azerbaijan
Fakhri Hasanov, Fariz Huseynov

Information asymmetry and the cost of equity capital
William Peng He, Andrew Lepone, Henry Leung

Oil prices and effective dollar exchange rates
Joscha Beckmann, Robert Czudaj

Book Review

The Economics of Collusion — Cartels and Bidding Rings, Robert C. Marshall, Leslie M. Marx. MIT Press (2012)
William E. Kovacic

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