Contents of IREF: Volume 26

Volume 26, Number 1

Special Issue

International trade and macroeconomics: Introduction
Paul R. Bergin, Fabio Ghironi

All banks great, small, and global: Loan pricing and foreign competition
Beatriz de Blas, Katheryn Niles Russ

Financial frictions, trade credit, and the 2008–09 global financial crisis
Brahima Coulibaly, Horacio Sapriza, Andrei Zlate

Financial shocks and exports
Ling Feng, Ching-Yi Lin

Investment, trade openness and foreign direct investment: Social capability matters
Dong-Hyeon Kim, Shu-Chin Lin, Yu-Bo Suen

Price dispersion and the euro: Micro heterogeneity and macro implications
Julien Martin, Isabelle Mejean

Buy National or Buy International? The optimal design of government spending in an open economy
Mario Larch, Wolfgang Lechthaler

International business cycle co-movement and vertical specialization reconsidered in multistage Bayesian DSGE model
Chin-Yoong Wong, Yoke-Kee Eng

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