Contents of IREF: Volume 25

Volume 25, Number 1

Regular Articles

Adjustments in managerial ownership and changes in firm value
Ming-Yuan Chen

Growth of aggregate corporate earnings and cash-flows: Persistence and determinants
Lawrence Kryzanowski, Sana Mohsni

The Spanish term structure of interest rates revisited: Cointegration with multiple structural breaks, 1974–2010
Vicente Esteve, Manuel Navarro-Ibáñez, María A. Prats

Does patent harmonization impact the decision and volume of high technology trade?
Kristie Briggs

How do foreign investors affect corporate policy?: Evidence from Korea
Jin Q. Jeon, Juyoun Ryoo

Bank capital regulation in a cap option framework
Jeng-Yan Tsai, Wei-Ming Hung

Financial integration, nominal rigidity, and monetary policy
Ke Pang

Does payment method matter in cross-border acquisitions?
Shantanu Dutta, Samir Saadi, PengCheng Zhu

Multi-sourcing as an entry deterrence strategy
Arijit Mukherjee, Yingyi Tsai

Volatility transmission between gold and oil futures under structural breaks
Bradley T. Ewing, Farooq Malik

The real exchange rate and the balance of trade in US tourism
Ka Ming Cheng, Hyeongwoo Kim, Henry Thompson

Fundamentals, forecast combinations and nominal exchange-rate predictability
Jyh-Lin Wu, Yi-Chiuan Wang

Money and risk of loss in an asset market segmentation model
Hyung Sun Choi

Nonlinear earnings persistence
Che-Hui Cheng, Po-Chin Wu

Leverage and corporate performance: International evidence
Víctor M. González

Trade exposure, survival and growth of small and medium-size firms
Roberto Álvarez, Sebastián Vergara

Exchange rate misalignment and inflation rate persistence: Evidence from Latin American countries
Nikolaos Giannellis, Minoas Koukouritakis

Distortionary tax instruments and implementable monetary policy
Luigi Marattin, Massimiliano Marzo, Paolo Zagaglia

Volatility and return spillovers in Canadian and U.S. industry ETFs
Timothy Krause, Yiuman Tse

Foreign direct investment and output growth volatility: A worldwide analysis
Bruno Ćorić, Geoff Pugh

The predictability of opening returns for the returns of the trading day: Evidence from Taiwan futures market
Chun-nan Chen

Dynamics of the co-movement between stock and maritime markets
Oral Erdogan, Kenan Tata, B. Can Karahasan, M. Hakan Sengoz

Growth, productivity and capital accumulation: The effects of financial liberalization in the case of European integration
Agnieszka Gehringer

Substitutability and complementarity of corporate governance mechanisms in Latin America
Diego C. Cueto

Country-specific idiosyncratic risk and global equity index returns
C. James Hueng, Ruey Yau

Horizontal inventive step and international protection of intellectual property
Xuebing Yang

Predictive ability and profitability of simple technical trading rules: Recent evidence from Southeast Asian stock markets
Hao Yu, Gilbert V. Nartea, Christopher Gan, Lee J. Yao

Modeling OECD energy demand: An international panel smooth transition error-correction model
Chien-Chiang Lee, Yi-Bin Chiu
Growth and productivity: The role of government debt
António Afonso, João Tovar Jalles

Futures mispricing, order imbalance, and short-selling constraints
Emily Lin, Cheng-Few Lee, Kehluh Wang

Exchange rate intervention in small open economies: The role of risk premium and commodity price shocks
Carlos J. García, Wildo D. González

Book Reviews

Trade Policy Disaster: Lessons from the 1930s. By Douglas A. Irwin.
J. Lawrence Broz

Why capitalism? By Allan Meltzer
Jerry Jordan

Review of elements of financial risk management, by Peter F. Christoffersen
Bradley S. Paye

Review of “From optimal tax theory to tax policy: Retrospective and prospective views” by Robin Boadway
Jonathan H. Hamilton

Modeling monetary economies, 3rd edition, by Bruce Champ, Scott Freeman, and Joseph Haslag
Edgar A. Ghossoub

Comparative advantage, growth, and the gains from trade and globalization: A Festschrift in Honor of Alan V. Deardorff Robert Stern, Editors,
Farhad Rassekh

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