Contents of IREF: Volume 22

Volume 22, Number 1

Regular Articles

Do central banks affect Tobin's q?
João Ricardo Faria, André Varella Mollick, Adolfo Sachsida, Le Wang

R&D, risks and overreaction in a market with the absence of the book-to-market effect
Weifeng Hung, Chaoshin Chiao, Tung Liang Liao, Sheng-Tang Huang

Income based price subsidies and parallel imports
Rajat Acharyya, María D.C. García-Alonso

Bond risk premia, macroeconomic fundamentals and the exchange rate
Marcello Pericoli, Marco Taboga

Optimal nonlinear income taxation with productive government expenditure
Ching-Chong Lai, Chih-Hsing Liao

Forecasting the volatility of S&P depositary receipts using GARCH-type models under intraday range-based and return-based proxy measures
Hung-Chun Liu, Shu-Mei Chiang, Nick Ying-Pin Cheng

Does financial liberalization decrease capital flight? A panel causality analysis
A. Yasemin Yalta, A. Talha Yalta

 Exchange rate pass-through in deflation: The case of Taiwan
Po-Chun Lin, Chung-Shu Wu

U.S. industry-level returns and oil prices Qinbin
Fan, Mohammad R. Jahan-Parvar

The portfolio strategy and hedging: A spectrum perspective on mean–variance theory
Pao-Peng Hsu, Szu-Lang Liao

Debt reorganization strategies with complete verification under information asymmetry
Takashi Shibata, Yuan Tian

The comovement between exchange rates and stock prices in the Asian emerging
Chien-Hsiu Lin

Stock exchange mergers and weak form of market efficiency: The case of Euronext
Walayet Khan, João Paulo Vieito

Tradability and market penetration costs: Explaining foreign market servicing intensities
Katherine N. Schmeiser, Miguel F. Ricaurte

Environmental control, wage inequality and national welfare in a tourism economy
Chi-Chur Chao, Jean-Pierre Laffargue, Pasquale M. Sgro

Capital structure and corporate governance quality: Evidence from the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)
Pornsit Jiraporn, Jang-Chul Kim, Young Sang Kim, Pattanaporn Kitsabunnarat

Predictions of growth in U.S. corporate profits: Asymmetric vs. symmetric loss
Hamid Baghestani, Ashraf Khallaf

Firm Market Performance and Volatility in a National Real Estate Sector
Marcelo Bianconi, Joe A. Yoshino

Insider trading and stock prices
Manouchehr Tavakoli, David McMillan, Phillip J. McKnight

Dilution/incentive effects associating with employee bonuses in Taiwan: Empirical findings under two regimes
Ching-Lung Chen, Ming-Che Lu, Gili Yen

The predictability of aggregate Japanese stock returns: Implications of dividend yield
Sichong Chen

Book Reviews

Joseph M. Hilbe, Review of the book “Negative binomial regression: Second edition” (2011)
Anuradha Roy

Review of General Equilibrium Theory of Value
Stephen E. Spear

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