Contents of IREF: Volume 21

Volume 21, Number 1

Regular Articles

Dynamics of underwriting profits: Evidence from the U.S. insurance market
Shi-jie Jiang, Chien-Chung Nieh

External vulnerability, balance sheet effects, and the institutional framework — Lessons from the Asian crisis
Christian Mulder, Roberto Perrelli, Manuel Duarte Rocha

Call-pricing equity returns and default risks of entry mode with brand perception in retail banking
Jeng-Yan Tsai, Chuen-Ping Chang

Dividend policy and business groups: Evidence from Indian firms
Ronny Manos, Victor Murinde, Christopher J. Green

Volatility, financial constraints, and trade
María García-Vega, Alessandra Guariglia, Marina-Eliza Spaliara

Trade and factor returns: Empirical evidence from U.S. economy
Gokhan H. Akay

Modeling the effect of macroeconomic factors on corporate default and credit rating transitions
Stephen Figlewski, Halina Frydman, Weijian Liang

Renminbi in the future international monetary system
Kuo-chun Yeh

Time-changed GARCH versus the GARJI model for prediction of extreme news events: An empirical study
Lie-Jane Kao, Po-Cheng Wu, Cheng-Few Lee

Does the central bank's intervention benefit trade balance? Empirical evidence from China
Yu-Ming Hsiao, Sheng-Chieh Pan, Po-Chin Wu

Is the honeymoon effect valid in the presence of both exchange rate and output expectations? A graphical analysis
Ching-chong Lai, Chung-rou Fang

Confucius institute effects on China's trade and FDI: Isn't it delightful when folks afar study Hanyu?
Donald Lien, Chang Hoon Oh, W. Travis Selmier

Asymmetric effects of U.S. stock returns on European equities
Mahmoud Wahab

A decomposition of Ricardian trade gains
Toru Kikuchi, Ngo Van Long

Real wages and non-traded goods
Ronald W. Jones

Tax burden distribution and GDP growth: Non-linear causality considerations in the USA
Stella Karagianni, Maria Pempetzoglou, Anastasios Saraidaris

Intraday trading activities and volatility in round-the-clock futures markets
Erin H. Kao, Hung-Gay Fung

Consistent winners and losers
Abdulaziz M. Alwathainani

Are exchange rate movements predictable in Asia-Pacific markets? Evidence of random walk and martingale difference processes
Osamah M. Al-Khazali, Chong Soo Pyun, Daewon Kim

Technology shocks under varying degrees of financial openness
S. Meral Cakici

The impact of real income on insurance premiums: Evidence from panel data
Chien-Chiang Lee, Yi-Bin Chiu

Asset pricing with idiosyncratic risk: The Spanish case
Jose Luis Miralles-Marcelo, Maria del Mar Miralles-Quiros, Jose Luis Miralles-Quiros

Identifying aggregate supply and demand shocks in small open economies: Empirical evidence from African countries
A.H. Ahmad, Eric J. Pentecost

Country risk, country size, and tax competition for foreign direct investment
Yasuo Sanjo

The Thursday effect of the forward premium puzzle
Liang Ding

The minimum wage and labor market outcomes, Christopher J. Flinn
J. Ignacio Garcia-Perez

Jeffrey G. Williamson, ,Trade and Poverty: When the Third World Fell Behind (2011) The MIT Press,Cambridge,  301 pp.
Farhad Rassekh

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