Contents of IREF: Volume 19

Volume 19, Number 1

Special Issue

Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Exchange Rate Dynamics
Helena Marques and Jose Garcia-Solanes

New evidence for exchange rate pass-through: Disaggregated trade data from local ports
Y. Yoshida

Data frequency and exchange rate pass-through: Evidence from India’s Exports
S. Mallick and H. Marques

Exchange Rate Pass-Through in New Member States and Candidate Countries of the EU
R. Maria-Dolores

Devaluation and pass-through in indebted and risky economies
J. Garcia-Solanes

Balance of payments accounting and exchange rate dynamics
N. Muller-Plantenberg

Regular Articles

Art works in international trade theory
Ronald W. Jones

A simple model of service trade with time zone differences
Toru Kikuchi, Kazumichi Iwasa

Leverage-reducing exchange offers and bondholder–stockholder wealth transfers: A revaluation
Pattanaporn Kitsabunnarat-Chatjuthamard, Peter Lung, Takeshi Nishikawa, Ramesh P. Rao

Stock return, risk, and legal environment around the world
Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou, Alice C. Lee, Cheng-Few Lee

The pricing and hedging of structured notes with systematic jump risk: An analysis of the USD knock-out reversed swap
Shin-Yun Wang, Shih-Kuei Lin

Real exchange rate misalignments
Cristina Terra, Frederico Valladares

Optimal investment stratagies in an international economy with stochastic interest rates
Linda Sandris Larsen

Corruption and wage inequality?
Biswajit Mandal, Sugata Marjit

Book Reviews

Review of “The external dimension of the Euro area: Assessing the linkages”, Edited by Filippo Di Mauro and Robert Anderton with preface by Jean-Claude Trichet, (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
Lawrence L. Schembri

Review on optimization methods in finance by Gerard Cornuejols and Reha Tütücü.
Yuying Li

Review of Money, interest, and policy: Dynamic general equilibrium in a non-Ricardian world, (by Jean-Pascal Benassy, 2007).
Robert R. Reed

Volume 19, Number 2

Special Issue

Recent development in China's financial markets: An introduction
Donald Lien, Yulu Chen

Corporate governance structure, managerial discretion, and the R&D investment in China
Jing Dong, Yan-nan Gou

Finance-growth nexus in China revisited: New evidence from principal components and ARDL bounds tests
Abdul Jalil, Mete Feridun, Ying Ma

Detecting hot and cold cycles using a Markov regime switching model—Evidence from the Chinese A-share IPO market
Haifeng Guo, Robert Brooks, Roland Shami

The role of Chinese stock market in global stock markets: A safe haven or a hedge?
YiHao Lai, Jen-Ching Tseng

Investment and the soft budget constraint in China
Clement K.W. Chow, Frank M. Song, Kit Pong Wong

Regular Articles

Communication in repeated monetary policy games
Nurlan Turdaliev

Cross-listing premium in the US and the UK destination
Marcelo Bianconi, Liang Tan

Intra- and inter-firm US trade
Catherine Yap Co

Foreign capital, return to education and child labour
Jayanta Kumar Dwibedi, Sarbajit Chaudhuri

Intra-day seasonality in foreign exchange market transactions
John Cotter, Kevin Dowd

Openness and interest rates: An analysis using the MIUF model and transaction cost model of money
Satoko Takamatsu

Consumption tilting and the current account: Evidence from Canada
Rebecca Braeu

Market efficiency and international diversification: Evidence from India
Mehmet F. Dicle, Aydin Beyhan, Lee J. Yao

Skilled–unskilled wage inequality and offshore outsourcing with asymmetric adjustment costs
Avik Chakrabarti, Rajarshi Mitra

Breaks in the chain of comparative advantage
E. Kwan Choi, Henry Thompson

Book Reviews

Overcoming the Savings Slump
Julie R. Agnew

Equilibrium, trade and growth .Mitra Tapan and Nishimura Kazuo, Editors, Selected Papers of Lionel W. McKenzie, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass (2009).
Anjan Mukherji

Volume 19, Number 3


Selective swap arrangements and the global financial crisis: Analysis and interpretation
Joshua Aizenman, Gurnain Kaur Pasricha

Exchange rate dynamics in economies with portfolio rigidities
Beatriz de Blas

International trade in genetically modified products
E. Kwan Choi

Liquidity risk and bank portfolio management in a financial system without deposit insurance: Empirical evidence from prewar Japan
Michiru Sawada

Labor skills and factor proportions trade in the gulf cooperation council
Henry Thompson, Hugo Toledo

Reorganization strategies and securities valuation under asymmetric information
Takashi Shibata, Yuan Tian

Does prior record matter in the wealth effect of open-market share repurchase announcements?
Shao-Chi Chang, Sheng-Syan Chen, Li-Yu Chen

Tariffs versus anti-dumping duties
Emin Dinlersoz, Can Dogan

Does “hot money” drive China's real estate and stock markets?
Feng Guo, Ying Sophie Huang

International capital mobility: An alternative test based on intertemporal current account Models
Chao-Hsi Huang

Securities laws in the host countries and the capital structure of US multinationals
Dev Mishra, George Tannous

Corruption, growth, and growth volatility
Ayse Y. Evrensel

Financial assistance for study abroad students: An economic analysis
Donald Lien, Gang Liu

Book Reviews

“The theory of the firm: Microeconomics with endogenous entrepreneurs, firms, markets, and organizations” by Daniel F. Spulber.
Ramon Casadesus-Masanell

“Asset pricing for dynamic economies” Sumru Altug and Pamela Labadie, Cambridge University Press (2008).
Thomas F. Cosimano

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