Contents of IREF: Volume 18

Volume 18, Number 1

Special Issue

Foreign Direct Investment: An Overview of Issues
Sajal Lahiri

The Choice of Market Entry Mode: Greenfield Investment, M and A and Joint Venture
Horst Raff, Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler

Entry strategies into China: The choice between Joint Ventures and Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises. An application to the Italian manufacturing sector.
Maria Elena Bontempi and Giorgio Prodi

Location Choice, Competition, and Welfare in Non-tradable Service FDI
Hiroshi Kurata, Takao Ohkawa and Makoto Okamura

Merger and Acquisition FDI, Relative Wealth and Relative Access to Bank Credit: Evidence from a Bivariate Zero-Inflated Count Model
Woon-Yee Ho, Peiming Wang and Joseph D. Alba

Foreign Direct Investment, Tax Competition and Social Expenditure
Holger Görg, Hassan Molana and Catia Montagna

International Joint Ventures and Tax Competition in an Integrated Market
Litao Zhong and Sajal Lahiri

Multinationals and Plant Exit: Evidence from Chile
Roberto Alvarez and Holger Görg

The Impact of Multinational Entry on Domestic Market Structure and Investment
Stefanie A. Haller

Brotherhood of Competition: Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Mergers
M. Ozgur Kayalica and Rafael S. Espinosa-Ramirez

Regular Articles

Trade theorems in a model of vertical production chain
Yan Ma

What determines the level of IPO gross spreads? Underwriter profits and the cost of going public
Björn Bartling, Andreas Park

A note on the hedging effectiveness of GARCH models
Donald Lien

Capital specificity, imperfect labor mobility and growth in developing economies
John Gilbert, Reza Oladi

Stackelberg financial-leader in insider trading model
Leonard F.S. Wang, Ya-Chin Wang, Shuang Ren

Idiosyncratic risk matters! A regime switching approach
Timotheos Angelidis, Nikolaos Tessaromatis

Re-examining the exchange rate pass-through into import prices using non-linear estimation techniques: Threshold cointegration
Almukhtar S. Al-Abri, Barry K. Goodwin

The effects of abandonment options on operating leverage and investment timing
Kit Pong Wong

Book Reviews

A review of capital controls and capital flows in emerging economies: Policies practices and consequences. Edited by: Sebastian Edwards.
Anella Munro

Review on optimization methods in finance by Gerard Cornuejols and Reha Tütücü.
Yuying Li

Review on “Debt Defaults and Lessons from a Decade of Crises” by Federico Sturzenegger and Jeromin Zettelmeyer
Guido Sandleris

Volume 18, Number 2

Special Issue

Research in Trade: Where do we go from here?
Kala Krishna

Is Protection Really for Sale? A Survey and Directions for Future Research
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama and Kala Krishna

Learning About Reform: Time-Varying Support for Structural Adjustment
Laura Veldkamp

Trade Costs and Foreign Direct Investment
J. Peter Neary

Foreign versus Domestic Outsourcing: Firm-level Evidence on the Role of Technology
Eiichi Tomiura

Skill Acquisition, Credit Constraints, and Trade
Tatyana Chesnokova and Kala Krishna

Hicks Theorem: Effects of Technological Improvement in the Ricardian Model
Jiandong Ju and Xuebing Yang

Regular Articles

Bubbles or convenience yields? A theoretical explanation with evidence from technology company equity carve-outs
Vicki Bogan

International Factor Price Equalization in a limited-substitutability technology framework
Erkko Etula

Expiration-day effects: Does settlement price matter?
Shu-Fan Hsieh, Tai Ma

Financial intermediaries as facilitators of information exchange between lenders and reputation formation by borrowers
Arthur Fishman

Application of hidden Markov switching moving average model in the stock markets: Theory and empirical evidence
Shih-Kuei Lin, Shin-Yun Wang, Pei-Ling Tsai

When is money neutral under flexible exchange rates?
Pekka Ahtiala

Market moves and the information content of option prices
Michael L. McIntyre, David Jackson

The Feldstein–Horioka puzzle revisited: Is the home-bias much less?
George Georgopoulos, Walid Hejazi

Real interest rates, inflation and the open economy: A regime-switching perspective on Australia and New Zealand
Mark J. Holmes, Richard Dutu, Xiaoman Cui

Book Reviews

The new comparative economic history: Cliometrics goes global .T.J. Hatton, K.H. O'Rourke and A.M. Taylor, Editors, The new comparative economic history: Essays in honor of Jeffrey Williamson, MIT Press (2007).
By Ronald Findlay

Volume 18, Number 3

Special Issue

Introduction to the Special Issue of IREF on Macroeconomics of Asia
David Cook and Michael B. Devereux

Systemic Financial Distress and Auction-Based Bankruptcy
Donald B. Hausch

Expiration Hour Effect of Futures and Options Markets on Stock Market – A case study on NSE (National Stock Exchange of India)
Hiren M. Maniar

Does Financial Liberalization matter for emerging East Asian economics growth? Some new evidence
Saoussen Ben Gamra

Business cycle and inflations synchronisation in Mainland China and Hong Kong
Petra Gerlach-Kristen

PPP: Further Evidence from Japanese Regional Data
Jun Nagayasu

The fading 1990s in Japan: driving forces behind the unemployment upsurge
Pablo Agnese

Real Interest Rate Linkages in the Pacific Basin Region
Philip Inyeob Ji

The Puzzling Dual of Uncovered Interest Parity Puzzle Evidence from Pacific Rim Capital Flows
David Cook

A Simple Model of Emerging Market Portfolio Structure
Michael B. Devereux

Regular Articles

The effects of portfolio size on international equity home bias puzzle
Jinlan Ni

TEconomies of scale and trade policy: The median voter model revisited
Daron O. Djerdjian

Volatility of capital flows and financial liberalization: Do specific flows respond differently?
Rebecca M. Neumann, Ron Penl, Altin Tanku

Optimum currency area in South Asia: A state space approach
Nilanjan Banik, Basudeb Biswas, Keith R. Criddle

Do realized betas exhibit up/down market tendencies?
George Woodward, Robert Brooks

Do insiders have inside tracks: An examination of Wall Street Journal’s Inside Track columns?
Yulong Ma, Huey-Lian Sun, Alex P. Tang

Book Reviews

Review of foreign direct investment: Analysis of aggregate flows by Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
Kent P. Kimbrough

Review of Globalization and Egalitarian Redistribution by Pranab Bardhan, Samuel Bowles and Michael Wallerstein, Princeton University Press (2006)
Arjun Jayadev

Review of India: The Emerging Giant by Arvind Panagariya, Oxford University Press (2008)
Nirvikar Singh

Power and Plenty: Trade war and the world economy in the second millennium, Princeton University Press (2008)
Farhad Rassekh

Volume 18, Number 4


Strategic interoperability standards and trade taxes
Mikhail M. Klimenko

The legal environment and corporate valuation: Evidence from cross-border takeovers
David R. Kuipers, Darius P. Miller, Ajay Patel

The theory of fiat money and private money as alternative media of exchange
Yan Li

Investigating business cycle asymmetry for the G7 countries: Evidence from over a century of data
Paresh Kumar Narayan, Stephan Popp

Small trades and volatility increases after stock splits
Chun-nan Chen, Chunchi Wu

Labor market effects of international outsourcing: How measurement matters
Daniel Horgos

Forecasting in efficient bond markets: Do experts know better?
Hamid Baghestani

Urban informal sector and poverty
Saibal Kar, Sugata Marjit

Managerial flexibility, uncertainty, and corporate investment: The real options effect
Feixue Xie

Is there any common knowledge news in the Euro/Dollar market?
Walid Ben Omrane, Andréas Heinen

Where does return and volatility come from? The case of Asian ETFs
Jose A. Gutierrez, Valeria Martinez, Yiuman Tse

Competition for foreign direct investment: The role of technology and market structure
Qian Hao, Sajal Lahiri

Energy prices, energy conservation, and economic growth: Evidence from the postwar United States
Jang C. Jin, Jai-Young Choi, Eden S.H. Yu

Book Reviews

Termites in the Trading System: How Preferential Agreements Undermine Free Trade, Jagdish Bhagwati, Oxford University Press.
Devashish Mitra

Sustainability of public debt, R. Neck and J. Sturm, Editors, MIT Press.
Peter Claeys

Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle: An Introduction to the New Keynesian Framework, Jordi Gali, Princeton Press.
Edgar A. Ghossoub

International Financial Issues in the Pacific Rim Global Imbalances, Financial Liberalization, and Exchange Rate Policy, Edited by Takatoshi Ito, Andrew K. Rose, University of Chicago Press.
Yiuman Tse

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