Contents of IREF: Volume 17

Volume 17, Number 1


On the inflation-uncertainty hypothesis in Jordan, Philippines and Turkey: A long memory approach
Z. Abidin Özdemir and M. Fisunoglu

Informed trading, noise trading and the cost of equity
P. Grégoire and H. Huang

Exchanger-rate volatility in Latin America and its impact on foreign trade
A.C. Arize, T. Osang and D.J. Slottje

Strategic trading against retail investors with loss-aversion
J. Nam, J. Wang and G. Zhang

Symmetry, proportionality and the purchasing power parity: Evidence from panel Cointegration tests
M. Cerrato and N. Sarantis

Substituting a substitute currency
K. Heimonen

Key international trade theorems and large shocks
R.W. Jones

Heterogeneity, adverse selection and valuation with endogenous labor supply
M. Bianconi

Competition, technology, and trade in Oligopolistic industries
M. Yomogida

Firm performance, asset acquisition and the method of controlling rights transfer: Evidence from the Chinese market
Y. Bai, S.K. Chen, B.-W. Lin and L. Wu

Is there a tradeoff between average patent Pendency and examination errors?
A.A. Batabyal and P. Nijkamp

Bank lending, credit shocks and the transmission of Canadian monetary policy
J. Atta-Mensah and A. Dib

Volume 17, Number 2

Special Issue

Market Microstructure and Implications for Regulatory Policies
Kee H. Chung

Commonality under market stress: Evidence from an order-driven market
Paul Brockman and Dennis Y. Chung

Relative performance of trading halts and price limits: Evidence from the Spanish Stock Exchange
Yong H. Kim, José Yagüe and J. Jimmy Yang

The speed of adjustment to information: Evidence from the Chinese stock market
Thomas C. Chiang, Edward Nelling and Lin Tan

Lockup expiration, insider selling and bid–ask spreads
Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti and Tiong Yang Thong

Open volume and time to open on option-expiration days
W. Paul Spurlin, Bonnie F. Van Ness and Robert A. Van Ness

Inter-broker trades and return performance on the Toronto stock exchange
Howard B. Nemiroff, Zhaohui Zhang and Victor A. Escobar

Regular Articles

Nonstationarity in real exchange rates using unit root tests with a level shift at unknown time
Ata Assaf

Do macroeconomic variables matter for pricing default risk?
Alice Xie Yan, Jian Shi and Chunchi Wu

Financial system structure and economic growth: Structure matters
O. Emre Ergungor

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions using ADRs as consideration
James E. Owers, Bing-Xuan Lin and Ronald C. Rogers

Strategic trading when some investors receive information before others
Minh T. Vo

Growth may be good for the poor, but decline is disastrous: On the non-robustness of the Dollar–Kraay result
Richard Ashley

Book Reviews

Investors and Markets
By M.J. Gruber

An introduction to the structural econometrics of auction data
By J.C. Herbert Emery

Measuring the restrictiveness of international trade policy, James E. Anderson and J. Peter Neary.
By Rod Falvey

Living standards and the wealth of nations: Successes and failures in real convergence
By Paul G. Hare

Volume 17, Number 3


Fundamental pitfalls of exchange market pressure-based approaches to identification of currency crises
Victor Pontines and Reza Siregar

Volatility trade-offs in exchange rate target zones
Ching-chong Lai, Chung-rou Fang and Juin-jen Chang

The Feldstein–Horioka puzzle across EU members: Evidence from the ARDL bounds approach and panel data
Christos Kollias, Nikolaos Mylonidis and Suzanna-Maria Paleologou

Non-competing factor groups and the normative propositions of trade theory
Murray Kemp

Hedging effectiveness comparisons: A note
Donald Lien and Keshab Shrestha

Extreme daily changes in U.S. Dollar London inter-bank offer rates
Tim Krehbiel and Lee C. Adkins

The comovement between monetary and fiscal policy instruments during the post-war period in the U.S.
Jesús Vázquez

Banking crisis and financial structure: A survival-time analysis
Ayse Y. Evrensel

Bank lending and the stock market's response to monetary policy shocks
Johann Scharler

Choice of exchange rate regime and currency zones
Isamu Kato and Merih Uctum

Canadian stock market multiples and their predictive content
Richard Deaves, Peter Miu and C. Barry White

Distributive manipulations and political stability: A theoretical analysis
Rongili Biswas and Sugata Marjit

Financial market integration, labor markets, and macroeconomic policies
M. Alper Çenesiz and Christian Pierdzioch

Friction model and foreign exchange market intervention
Jongbyung Jun

Book Reviews

Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey, From Corn Laws to Free Trade: Interests, Ideas, and Institutions in Historical Perspective, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass (2006), p. 426 $47.50.
By Farhad Rassekh

Takatoshi Ito and Andrew K. Rose, Editors, Monetary Policy with Very Low Inflation in the Pacific Rim, NBER — East Asia Seminar on Economics Vol. 15, The University of Chicago Press (2006).
By Hiro Ito

Volume 17, Number 4


Factor mobility, wage inequality and welfare
Sajid Anwar

Financial interdependence between Hong Kong and the US: A band spectrum approach
Leo Chan, Donald Lien and Wenlong Weng

Factor growth and equalized factor prices
E. Kwan Choi

Large outside blockholders as monitors: Evidence from partial acquisitions
Yun W. Park, Zekiye Selvili and Moon H. Song

Domestic and foreign influences on Canadian prices
John R. Baldwin and Beiling Yan

Does rating help microfinance institutions raise funds? Cross-country evidence
Valentina Hartarska and Denis Nadolnyak

Currency crisis contagion and the identification of transmission channels
Fasika Haile and Susan Pozo

Lost protection and wages: Some time series evidence for the US
Cassandra Copeland and Henry Thompson

The Level and Composition of Tax Revenue in Developing Countries: Evidence from Unbalanced Panel Data
Saeid Mahdavi

Asset allocation with differential borrowing and lending rates
Dennis Olson and Jorg Bley

Do nominal devaluations lead to real devaluations? Evidence from 89 countries
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Scott W. Hegerty and Ali M. Kutan

Book Reviews

Review of Globalization and Poverty, Ann Harrison, ed., NBER, 2007
by Gary S. Fields

Strategic new product development for the global economy
by Bernard Taylor

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